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A lot of children are the pickiest eaters and if you’re unlucky enough, on top of that they could have allergies to nuts, milk and soy! The challenge for Moms everywhere is getting kids to eat healthy. Some children have … Continue reading

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This recipe was one of the Olivado Mother’s Day Contest winners and was submitted by Lorraine Dara. Lorraine became a fan of the Cobb salad while on vacation in California. She has discovered the ultimate salad dressing for this salad … Continue reading

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This delicious warm Chickpea salad was given to us by Akheela from Torview in Toronto as part of the Olivado Mother’s Day Contest. This was one of the contest winners! Akheela is a self taught cook and avid food Blogger/ … Continue reading

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Is avocado better or olive? In this avocado oil vs olive oil comparison, we find out which one’s better for your hair and skin. Take a look. As published on 6/2/2011 [] It is interesting to compare two of … Continue reading

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This tasty little number was submitted by Nava Atlas in our Mother’s Day Contest Giveaway. In this recipe, Nava credits our Avocado Zest Oil for the salads added spark. Avocado Zest Oil is high in vitamin E and Lutein (which … Continue reading

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